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Get all the essentials you need to start homeschooling your child.

Zip make it easy to follow homeschool laws, set up curriculum, and keep records so that you have all the basics required to simply start homeschooling.

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Follow your state's laws

Zip helps you follow the legal procedures required by your state and district to start your homeschool off on the right foot and legally operate it.

Get a curriculum set up

We connect you with one of our homeschool counselors who will put together a full learning plan for your student.

Record keeping made easy

Record keeping is a major part of homeschooling and is required by nearly every state. That's why Zip has a portal to help you safely keep records for your child.

$29 a month.

For $29 a month, Zip will give you the tools you need to give your child a world class education right from home.
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Start homeschooling ASAP.
Per Student, Per Month
  • Legally register your homeschool
  • Get connected to awesome curriculum.
  • Comply with your state's homeschool regulations
  • Get access to our record keeping software
  • Stay notified on important state deadlines.
  • Keep paperwork saved in the cloud
  • 24/7 homeschool support line
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“This is the most magical thing ever. I’m way more confident about homeschooling now than I was even 2 days ago”
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Zip takes the guesswork out of homeschooling.

We will guide you through the essentials.
Step 1
Fill out our basic information form.
Step 2
Zip will start the groundwork and contact your child's school and district to generate documents for your homeschool.
Step 3
We'll get you in touch with once of our homeschool counselors to discuss curriculum for your child.
Step 4
Once your homeschool is setup, Zip gives you the tools you need to continue complying with your state's laws/regulations.
Zip makes it super simple to start homeschooling.
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ALWAYS by your side

24/7 Homeschool Support Line

We know this can be stressful time for you and your family which is why we're available 24/7 to help you out with everything from setting up your homeschool to recommendations on curriculum.

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